BIT in Nepal, Kathmandu - Herald College Kathmandu

Bachelor in Computer Science

This programme aims to provide students with the knowledge of core principles of computer science by combining it with modern computer languages, tools, techniques, and methodologies used by computer professional all over the world. Students will be able to develop and enhance themselves as a programmer, along with problem solving skills. You will learn how to develop software that meets client needs and will have the opportunity to develop a piece of software for your final project. This BIT in computing course provides an excellent stepping stone to allow you to move directly into a career in Computing.

Year 1 / Level 4

  • 4CI018: Academic Skills and Team Based Learning
  • 4CS001: Introductory Programming and Problem Solving
  • 4CS015: Fundamentals of Computing
  • 4CS016: Embedded System Programming
  • 4CS017: Internet Software Architecture
  • 4MM013: Computational Mathematics

Year 2 / Level 5

  • 5CS037: Concepts and Technologies of AI
  • 5CS019: Object-Oriented Design and Programming
  • 5CS021: Numerical Methods and Concurrency
  • 5CS022: Distributed and Cloud System Programming
  • 5CS024: Collaborative Development
  • 5CS020: Human Computer Interaction


Year 3 / Level 6

  • 6CS014: Complex System
  • 6CS005: High Performance Computing
  • 6CS007: Project and Professionalism
  • 6CS012: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • 6CS030: Big Data
Qualification Level Number of Modules Number of Credits
Year 1 Level 4 6 120
Year 2 Level 5 6 120
Year 3 Level 6 5 120
  • Academic Level
    • Completion of NEB +2 Qualification with an aggregate ≥ 55% or 2.2 CGPA.
    • For A-Levels, a minimum of 3.5 credits and at least a grade of D and above.
    • SEE Mathematics Score of 50% or above (Grade C+ above)
  • English Proficiency
    • NEB Year 12 English Score of 50% above (2.4/4 GPA or above).
    • General Paper (A or AS Level) with Grade E above.
    • English (A or AS Level) with Grade E above.
    • Have studied at Level 3 and above and were taught/assessed in English.
    • The equivalent of IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each sub-element.
Upon completion, students will be able to get into career field such as Software Engineer, Web Application Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Senior Database Administrator, System Analyst, Software System Developer, AI Programmer.