Scholarship Programmes

Seize the opportunity to become a part of our amazing scholarship programme (ING Postgraduate Scholarship)

ING Postgraduate

Upon completion of University of Wolverhampton’s Bachelor's Degree, our students will be awarded postgraduate scholarships within ING colleges. We hope our assistance will inspire future generations, so that they may as well get similar opportunities to better their future.


Applicants can apply for the Scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • Citizen of Nepal
  • Completed and Obtained a First Class Honours Bachelor's degree from the University of Wolverhampton
  • Applying to pursue a full-time Master's course of study at Islington College / Herald College Kathmandu

All applications must be made in the same year of an applicant’s graduation date. For further information, please contact the Student Services Department.

AAA Scholarship

The Attitude, Academics and Attendance (AAA) Scholarship has been introduced for 10% of students, which means every year you can achieve a 100% refund of your total college fees paid (excludes Admission fee and University fee).


Applicants can apply for the Scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • Good academic standing.
  • At least 80% attendance in each module.
  • Timely payment of all the financial dues.
  • Clean disciplinary record and exemplary behaviour.

ING Postgraduate Scholarship

We offer a full-fledged Master's Programme Scholarship to one deserving student at any ING college.

Survhi Luniya
Class of 2022

My experience as an undergraduate was greatly influenced by the faculty's excellent support and understanding. The teaching methodology that Herald possesses has aided me in nurturing both my academic and professional life. I wouldn't be in the position I am now without the Herald family.


Every year, 10% of our students will be eligible for our AAA Scholarship Programme, which will see the candidate’s entire college fee waived*.

This scholarship programme has been introduced in order to reward the relentless effort of our students during the calendar year in their academics as well as their active participation and presence in college.

(*Excluding University Fee)

AAA Scholarship Recipients 2022

List of AAA Scholarship 2022 Recipients:
  1. Aaisha Ranjit
  2. Aashish Tuladhar
  3. Abhiraj Jaiswal
  4. Anusha Maharjan
  5. Biraj Pokharel
  6. Biroshan Kumar Mahato
  7. Bishal Dali
  8. Bishwas Lal Pradhan
  9. Devendra Yogi
  10. Dhiraj Kumar Sah Kanu
  11. Dipesh Sapkota
  12. Gaurav Thapaliya
  13. Hridaya Bhattarai
  14. Kalyan Khatry
  15. Kushal Sarkar
  16. Lujana Bajracharya
  17. Niraj Tamang
  18. Nischal Giri
  19. Nischay Shakya
  20. Nishant Shrestha
  21. Ojush Pathak
  22. Ozone Bhattarai
  23. Pragya Budhathoki
  24. Prajeet Shrestha
  25. Prajwal Adhikari
  26. Pranil Napit
  27. Prasiddha Regmi
  28. Prerana Baniya
  29. Priyanka Bhatta
  30. Punam Katuwal
  31. Raymon Bikram Basnyat
  32. Rikesh Mahat
  33. Rohan Shrestha
  34. Roman Karki
  35. Sabin Adhikari
  36. Samipa Shrestha
  37. Sarbagya Raj Khadka
  38. Saugat Karki
  39. Saurav Adhikari
  40. Shankalpa Pokharel
  41. Siddhant Chaudhary
  42. Sugam Karki
  43. Sujan Neupane
  44. Suyogya Gautam
  45. Sweekriti Dhungana
  46. Tisha Khoju Shrestha
  47. Urika Basnet
  48. Yugant Basnet
  49. Zokchen Tamang

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