Beginning your college journey is a very personal and sacred experience that encompasses a wide range of events compounding towards your growth. Herald College Kathmandu (HCK) provides the best UK university education at most affordable fees. It offers Bachelor Degrees in IT and Business in direct partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Programmes that Herald College Kathmandu offers are flexible and have always aimed to foster a broader based knowledge. At Herald College Kathmandu, we tediously focus on creating memorable experience for our students to transform the world in their own ways.

Additionally, we enable you to connect with our vast network of graduates spread across the globe, each in their own pursuits of excellence and now, awaiting a collaborated effort with you.

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Herald College Kathmandu offers comprehensive undergraduate and post-graduate programmes with our BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, BSc (Hons) in International Business Management and International MBA courses. Furthermore, our partnership with The University of Wolverhampton in the UK injects enormous credibility and brings along with it a hoard of opportunities for our students on a global scale. The programmes have been intricately designed to equip and enhance your capabilities as a professional, carried out by a competent faculty.


The University of Wolverhampton is a public university located on four campuses across the West Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire in England. The roots of the university lie in the Wolverhampton Tradesmen's and Mechanics' Institute founded in 1827 and the 19th-century growth of the Wolverhampton Free Library (1870), which developed technical, scientific, commercial and general classes.

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with Excellence

Herald College Kathmandu adopts a unique and internationally applied teaching approach, L-T-W (Lecture, Tutorial and Workshop)

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Make Learning
Fun with Projects

Students can practically demonstrate the skills learnt through concepts and case studies. They learn to research and analyse various real-time issues of industry and innovatively develop their own insights and solutions via assignments.

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Learning Beyond

Through association with business houses, our students gain hands-on learning through the finest industry exposure. The weekly projects & workshops also give real-time industry exposure to our students.

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experience grandeur


A full-fledged and practical cross-culture academic experience

Camp at the University of
Wolverhampton, UK

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Trip to Thailand

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An up-close and immersive international experience complete with professional learning and excursions


Our premises are equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure to enrich our students’ experience even further.

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Beginning your college journey is a very personal and sacred experience that encompasses a wide range of events compounding towards your growth.

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Priya Pradhan
Class of 2020
Social Media Manager ING Skill Academy

I realised how much I enjoyed sharing innovative ideas through the workshops and extra activities we had at Herald. Exploring my interest in this dynamic world of international business was the perfect stepping stone for my career in digital marketing.

Prakash Dahal
Class of 2019
Software Engineer Innovate Tech

Herald College Kathmandu provided me with an opportunity to pursue my career in Software Engineering right after graduation at Innovate Tech, an IT establishment under ING. Here, I continue to grow and become better every day.

Roshan Gurung
Class of 2019
ML Engineer Level 2 Fuse Machine

I count myself extremely fortunate for having been a part of the AI Shikshya Program which exponentially enhanced my skills and helped me turn them into a professional career.

News & events

Latest News

WLV Exchange Fellowship 2024: A Week of Academic Adventure

Nine exceptional students from Herald College Kathmandu are set to explore academic excellence and cultural immersion at the University of Wolverhampton. Discover their journey filled with lectures, workshops, and vibrant cultural experiences. Meet the chosen nine, revel in their achievements, and witness the transformative impact of this prestigious program on their academic and personal growth.

WLV Exchange Fellowship 2024: A Week of Academic Adventure
WLV Lord Paul Enterprise Award 2023

IMBA Student from Herald College Wins Prestigious International Award for Innovative Fashion Venture

WLV Lord Paul Enterprise Award 2023
Business management skills companies value

Business management skills are essential for any company that wants to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Companies value a variety of business management skills, ranging from financial and analytical acumen to the ability to lead teams and manage projects.

Business management skills companies value
Herald Code Brisk | Witnessing innovation at an altitude of 3447m!

Herald DevCorps UI Visual Community, a student-led community at Herald College Kathmandu, successfully organized the nonstop 24-hour 'Code Brisk Hackathon 2023', at Kuri Village Kalinchowk. Situated at an altitude of 3447m above sea level, Code Brisk marks the hackathon held at the highest altitude.

Herald Code Brisk | Witnessing innovation at an altitude of 3447m!
Everything about BIT Course in Nepal by Herald College

Herald College, BIT College in Kathmandu provides a 3-year Undergraduate BIT Course in Nepal. Any student that enrolls in this program will have to study the course in 3-year module which is described on this blog.

Everything about BIT Course in Nepal by Herald College

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Transforming Lives Through Innovation & Education with ingenuity at the forefront of all our decisions, we strive to become a contributive factor in the betterment of Nepal and society in general by providing practical career centric education and innovations in technology. Located in Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, ING houses state-of-the-art organizations in a variety of industries which include Tech, Education and More.



Herald DevCorps is a division of the college that works closely with our students to enrich them with knowledge and skills making them more competent for the current tech industry. Throught DevCorps Communities and Enrichment Classes, we make sure that students take the leadership opportunities and we help them reach new heights using both hard and soft skills.

A celebration
of your success

The Herald College Kathmandu graduation is an extravagant event produced to commemorate the success of our students and to send them off fittingly into the professional world, which we believe they will conquer in no time.

Our graduates are held in the highest regard when it comes to their involvement in the tech world. With specialisation programs, professional mentorships and a productive learning environment, Herald College Kathmandu produces some of the most industry-ready graduates every year and we have no reason to doubt that you can be a part of that legacy too.

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