Obstacle Avoiding Car (Shashwot Pradhan)

An obstacle detection sensor allows the robot car to navigate in an unknown environment and prevent collision using sensor.

Smart Blind Stick (Shreya Rai)

A smart stick that is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that helps blind people walk on the street and detect any obstacles. It produces a noise that alerts the user if any obstacle is in front of ultrasonic sensor.

Smart Irrigation (Swastika Basnet)

A smart irrigation moisture monitor system that uses Moisture Sensor to detect the soil's moisture levels and transmits the information to an Arduino. The arduino smartly controls the water pump and displays information on LCD.

Smart Parking System & Banana Piano (Manish Karki, Prasiddha Regmi, and Rojan Shrestha)

An automated parking system that uses an IR Sensor to detect the entry and exit of a car. Automatically opened the gate if space is available and shows the current capacity of the parking through a display.

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