March 12, 2024

WLV Exchange Fellowship 2024: A Week of Academic Adventure

Herald College Kathmandu
Herald College Kathmandu

The WLV Exchange Fellowship is an esteemed academic exchange program designed to foster international collaboration and cultural exchange among students of Herald College Kathmandu and the University of Wolverhampton. In 2024, 9 lucky students from Herald College Kathmandu have been selected to participate in this extraordinary journey. 


The primary aim of the WLV Exchange Fellowship is to provide students with a unique opportunity to broaden their academic horizons and gain valuable insights into their chosen fields of study. Through immersive learning experiences and cultural immersion, students will develop a deeper understanding of global issues and perspectives. After a rigorous evaluation, 9 outstanding students have been chosen to represent Herald College in this prestigious program.


While two students have been awarded full scholarships covering all expenses, seven others will receive partial funding to support their participation in the program.

Week-long Adventure at University of Wolverhampton

On-site Learning Experiences

During their time at the University of Wolverhampton, they will have the chance to engage in a wide range of academic activities, including lectures, tutorials and workshops. They will interact with renowned faculty members and experts in their respective fields, gaining valuable insights and knowledge to enrich their academic pursuits.

Cultural Immersion

Beyond the classroom, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Wolverhampton and its surroundings where they will create unforgettable memories and forge lifelong friendships with their peers from around the world. 

Selected Students for WLV Exchange Fellowship 2024

●   Roshish Shrestha

●   Bhanu Aryal

●   Krit Shrestha

●   Ashish Dangol

●   Furnima Sherpa

●   Prajwal Baral

●   Pradusha Timalsina

●   Jenisha Rai

●   Anusha Pandey




Benefits of Participating in the WLV Exchange Fellowship

Academic Enrichment

Participating in the WLV Exchange Fellowship offers students a unique opportunity to enhance their academic knowledge and skills through hands-on learning experiences and interactions with experts in their field.

Cultural Exchange

Experiencing a new culture firsthand allows students to broaden their perspectives, challenge their assumptions, and develop a greater appreciation for diversity and inclusion. 

Networking Opportunities

The connections students make during the WLV Exchange Fellowship can open doors to future academic and professional opportunities, allowing them to build a global network of peers and mentors.


In conclusion, the WLV Exchange Fellowship 2024 promises to be an unforgettable journey filled with academic discovery, cultural immersion, and personal growth. CONGRATULATIONS to the outstanding WLV Exchange Fellowship 2024 winners from Herald College Kathmandu. You have made it.

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