March 29, 2023

International MBA events: February Highlights

Herald College Kathmandu
Herald College Kathmandu

February 1,  2023: Friday



Guest speaker: CA Rahul Rathi  (IMBA Course Leader at Herald College Kathmandu)


Herald IMBA successfully conducted the Scavenger Hunt- 'Quest for Equity and Bonds'  as the final event for Cohort II of IMBA. The event had two parts: a talk by CA. Rahul Rathi about equity and bonds in Nepal, and a treasure hunt with tasks related to the topic. 


Watch the January International MBA event highlights.



The event was informational which reflects insights on shares and debts. Herald College provides business management degree in Nepal and organizes such events to provide insights on various topics with guest lectures and games, quizzes. Herald College expresses gratitude to the guest speaker for sharing insights in weekly events. They also would like to thank lecturers, participants, students, sponsors and support staff for contributing to the success of the program. The program acknowledges and appreciates everyone's efforts in making it possible. 


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